About Us
Established over 45 years ago in California, Centra is a family owned and professionally operated full service domestic and international air and ocean freight forwarder.

Founded on nearly 70 years of experience in transportation from the USAAF Air Transport Command to commercial Airline Management, Freight Forwarding and the Stevedoring of chartered ocean vessels.

We emphasize on dedicated professionalism and the company has grown to become one of the leading transportation companies of its kind handling over 150,000 m/tons annually, and to this day, retaining an inbred tradition of personalized customer first service by a strong support team of seasoned professionals.

The center are veritable cold chain distribution and container freight stations with mechanized systems, and a completely temperature controlled environment, supported by a fleet of refrigerated rollered trucks, for a true cold chain operation.

Centra continues to be the pioneer of new innovations in product protection, maximization of loads, improved handling methods and towards the active promotion of industry programs; and is the recipient of numerous awards and also accreditations as a rare first class personalized service striving for operational perfection.

We make that extra effort for product care and handling.

Centra is fully licensed by the industry and governmental administrations and our facilities are U.S. Customs Bonded, USDA compliance, TSA IAC & CCSF; and FAA approved.

We offer our customers the full spectrum of a one stop perishable cargo center with expeditious handling, competitive rates, joint promotional projects, interface with our trading partners, and providing for every assistance and guidance in the world market place.

When the Covid-19 Pandemic began in 2019, and with the general slowing of the economy; we refocused  and redirected our efforts in the importing of seafoods, primarily in fish (salmon and tuna). Today we handle a major share of salmon and tuna shipped to SFO for local consumption and are also shipped to other areas of the United States.

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